The Sound of Science

Celebrating British Science Week 2022 with music promoters Jazz North East.

With additional support from Newcastle University’s Faculty of Science and Gosforth Civic Theatre, audiences are welcomed to experience a series of concerts and discussions drawing connections between science and music.

Exploring the interplay of chemistry, physics, ecology and biology, and the ways in which these disciplines have been employed by, and communicated through composers and musicians, over our 4 day festival we heard from 28 musicians, artists and scientists.

“From climate change to vaccines, the importance of science to the way we live has never been clearer. Its relationship to music however is rarely explored and it is for that reason we have assembled those working in and between these two seemingly disparate fields. Our events shine a spotlight on the role of science within music composition and improvisation, with a view to inspiring audiences new to one or both subjects.

Presented and discussed through music making practice, this project aims to increase understanding of science and its social implications, and build audience confidence in discussing these issues. Inviting all ages and every level of expertise, the festival will spark new ideas around how science and music can be communicated and combined.”

Wesley Stephenson (Artistic Director and Festival Producer)
@Jazz North East

Our festival was documented through video by Euan Preston from The Palace of Science / Objectiv Pictures.

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